Regional Directors

Elected or appointed & length:
Elected position, three-year term

Major function or purpose of office:
Represents science leaders of a region at the NSELA Executive Board Meetings.
Serves on NSELA’s Board as a representative of science leaders from one of NSELA’s six regions.

Other Duties:

1.    Executive Committee

  • Serves as voting member
  • Carefully reviews information requiring Board approval, including the budget
  • Attends fall and spring meetings
  • Participates in monthly teleconference meetings
  • Submits reports of activity to the President and Executive Board
  • Other duties as assigned by the President

2.    Communication to the region from NSELA and from the region to NSELA

  • Prepares articles about regional activities, awards and affiliates for the association newsletter
  • Maintains a current contact list for the region on the NSELA website
  • Communicates with local supervisors, state science supervisors, science teacher associations, NSTA District Directors, and affiliates in their region

3.   Communication within the region director group

  • Utilize and update the Region Director toolkit
  • Maintain contact with NSELA mentors or mentee

4.  Recruitment

  • Assist the membership committee chairperson by recruiting and retaining potential members for the Association
  • As part of the Election committee, make recommendations for elected officers