Public Relations Committee Chair

Term of Service: Suggestion: Three-year cycle, with option for reappointment

Appointment: Appointed by President-Elect

Board Status: Non-voting Board Member

Major Function or Purpose of Committee: The major function of the Public Relations Committee is to promote favorable relationships that support the growth and visibility of the organization. This includes identifying potential sponsors, facilitating communication with existing sponsors, and working with the Webmaster and publications positions to generate positive and relevant information about the organization for distribution to current and potential members of the organization. The committee is composed of the Chairperson and committee members who serve in a three year cycle.


  1. Board duties
    1. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors
    2. Submit reports as required of all board members
    3. Participate in monthly conference calls
    4. Notify the President if unable to fulfill specific board duties
  2. Chairperson Duties
    1. Identify potential committee members and encourage online application for committee membership
    2. Work with President-Elect to replace committee members as 3-year appointments end
    3. Maintain regular communication with committee members
    4. Identify, organize, and facilitate committee tasks
    5. Facilitate and encourage submission of relevant articles to the Navigator newsletter in order to promote positive perceptions of NSELA and highlight the accomplishments of the organization
  3. Specific Public Relations Chairperson and Committee Tasks
    1. Generate publicity brochures, announcements, and/or flyers that promote the organization and can be distributed to current, new, and potential members
    2. Seek out avenues for distribution of publicity information about the organization beyond the website (list-serves, other organizations, state and national networks, etc.)
    3. Create and disseminate press releases related to core NSELA professional development activities and election results
    4. Identify sponsors and sponsorships for the organization and professional development activities. Facilitate communication between potential and existing sponsors, the Board of Directors, and the Professional Development Coordinator