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NSELA Leadership

Welcome to the National Science Education Leadership Association, where visionary leadership drives the forefront of science education. At the heart of our organization lies our esteemed Board of Directors, a collective of dedicated experts shaping the landscape of scientific learning. Comprised of the Executive Committee, Regional Directors, and Standing Committee Chairs, our leadership structure fosters collaboration, innovation, and advancement in science education practices. Guided by a shared passion for excellence, our ex-officio members, including the Executive Director, Treasurer, and NSTA representative, lend their invaluable expertise to propel NSELA's mission forward. Join us on a journey to empower the next generation of science leaders and elevate the standards of scientific literacy and innovation.

Executive Committee

Regional Directors

Standing Committees

Become a Part of NSELA's Committees and Help Shape the Future of Science Education!

At NSELA, we strongly believe that collaboration and shared expertise are crucial in driving positive change in science education. That's why we would like to invite you to join our active community by participating in one of our three standing committees- Communications & Marketing, Membership, and Professional Learning. As a committee member, you'll have a significant role in determining our organization's direction and advancing science education at a national level. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned educator, a passionate advocate, or a dedicated professional; your unique skills and insights are valuable to us. Join our committee and work together to make a lasting impact on the future of science education.

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Communications & Marketing


Professional Learning

Past Presidents

The 2020s

2023-2024 Trisha Herminghaus, Alaska

2022-2023 Page Keeley, Florida

2021-2022Linda Cook, Texas

2020-2021 Larry Plank, Florida

The 2010s

2019-2020 James Blake, Nebraska

2018-2019 Missi Zender-Sakach, Ohio

2017-2018 Bob Sotak, Washington

2016-2017 Keri Randolph, Tennessee

2015-2016 Elizabeth Mulkerrin, Nebraska

2014-2015 Craig Gabler, Washington

2013-2014 Darlene Ryan, North Carolina

2012-2013 Beth Allan, Oklahoma

2011-2012 Janey Kaufmann, Arizona

2010-2011 Susan Koba, Nebraska

The 2000s

2009-2010 Brenda Wojnowski, Texas

2008-2009 Linda Atkinson, Oklahoma

2007-2008 Bob Siggens, Massachusetts

2006-2007 Jerry Valadez, California

2005-2006 Joanne Vasquez, Arizona

2004-2005 Patricia Shane, North Carolina

2003-2004 Jack Rhoton, Tennessee

2002-2003 Nicola Micozzi Jr., Massachusetts

2001-2002 Kenn Heydrick, Texas

2000-2001 Kathleen Sparrow, Ohio

The 1990s

1999-2000 Jerry Doyle
, Wisconsin

1998-1999 Becky Litherland, Missouri

1997-1998 Thomasena Woods, Virginia

1996-1997 Nancy Kellogg, Colorado

1995-1996 Jane Hazen , Ohio

1994-1995 Michael Jackson, North Carolina

1993-1994 Jeane Dughi , Virginia

1992-1993 Phillip Gay, California

1991-1992 Jack Padalino , Pennsylvania

1990-1991 Garland Johnson, California

The 1980s

1989-1990 John Bartley, Pennsylvania

1988-1989 Emma Walton, Alaska

1987-1988 Kenneth Roy, Connecticut

1986-1987 Merik Aaron, New York

1985-1986 Harold Pratt , Colorado

1984-1985 Jerry Resnick, New York

1983-1984 Richard Clark, Minnesota

1982-1983 LaMoine Motz, Michigan

1981-1982 Gary Downs, Iowa

1980-1981 Essie Beck, Louisiana

The 1970

1979-1980 Robert Dean, California

1978-1979 Charles Butterfield , New Jersey

1977-1978 Walter Knighton , Pennsylvania

1976-1977 James Wailes, Colorado

1975-1976 Warren Classon, Iowa

1974-1975 Serafino Guiliani, California

1973-1974 Edwin Smith, Ohio

1972-1973 Kenneth Horn, Colorado

1971-1972 John Rosemergy, Michigan

1970-1971 Francis Finigan, Massachusetts

The 1960s

1969-1970 Norman P. Taylor , Michigan

1968-1969 Robert Walker, Illinois

1967-1968 A.C. Brewer, Missouri

1966-1967 Annie Sue Brown, Georgia

1965-1966 J. Harvey Shutts, Minnesota

1964-1965 Donald Stotler, Oregon

1963-1964 Ralph Kierstead, New England

1962-1963 Elra Palmer, Maryland

1961-1962 Elmer McDaid, Michigan

1960-1961 Samuel Schenburg, New York

The 1950s

1959-1960 Kenneth Vordenburg, Ohio (Ad Hoc Chair)

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