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National Science Education Leadership Association

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July 16-18, 2024 in Seattle, Washington

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Message from the President

Hello Science Education Leaders,

It is with great enthusiasm and a profound sense of responsibility that I write to you for the first time as President of the National Science Education Leadership Association. As we embark on this year together, I want to express my gratitude for the trust you have placed in me. This year marks a period of transition and growth for our organization, and I am eager to build on the incredible progress we have made.

Over the past year, NSELA has navigated significant changes, adapting to new challenges and seizing opportunities to enhance our impact on science education leadership. Our resilience and dedication have been the cornerstones of our success, and I am proud of what we have achieved together. As we move forward, it is crucial that we continue to innovate, inspire, and support each other in our shared mission.

One of my primary goals for this year is to highlight and celebrate the unique journeys that each of you has taken to become a member of NSELA. Our association is a tapestry of diverse experiences, expertise, and perspectives. Your individual stories contribute to the richness of our community and the strength of our collective voice. Throughout the year, we will create opportunities to share and celebrate these journeys, fostering a deeper sense of connection and appreciation for the paths that have brought us together.

Equally important is the emphasis on telling our story as an association. NSELA has a powerful narrative of leadership, advocacy, and transformation in science education. By effectively communicating our successes, challenges, and vision, we can inspire others and attract new members who share our passion. This year, we will enhance our efforts to share our story through various platforms, including our newsletter, social media, and public engagements. Your contributions to this narrative are invaluable, and I encourage each of you to actively participate in these storytelling efforts.

In addition to these goals, we will continue to focus on providing exceptional professional learning opportunities, fostering collaborative partnerships, and advocating for policies that support science education leadership. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and I am confident that, together, we will achieve remarkable milestones.

Thank you for your dedication to NSELA and for being an integral part of our vibrant community. I am excited about the year ahead and the opportunities it holds for us. Let us move forward with a shared sense of purpose, celebrating our journeys and telling our story with pride.

Warm regards,

Andy Weatherhead

President | National Science Education Leadership Association

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